Meet Isabelle De Los Santos, a Miss Universe Philippines delegate from Makati and among the top candidates during the interview challenge.

MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES – Meet Isabelle De Los Santos Of Makati and her answers during the interview challenge of the pageant.

Miss Universe PH 2021 will have its coronation night on September 25 and the last virtual challenge they did is the interview challenge. The panelists chose the ladies who they saw who stood out during the session. The one who tops the list is Cavite’s Victoria Velasquez Vincent.

Here’s the complete list of the Top 7:

  1. Victoria Velasquez Vincent
  2. Maria Ingrid Teresita Santamaria
  3. Rousanne Marie Bernos
  4. Isabelle De Los Santos
  5. Megan Julia Roa Digal
  6. Beatrice Luigi Gomez

On the fourth spot is Isabelle De Los Santos is fondly called Isa by people close to her. Miss Universe Philippines is the first-ever pageant she joined driven by her interest to try and experience new things. She defined her name ISA and the “I” is for her interest which is why she’s in the pageant now.

She creatively associated this in introducing herself. The “S” is for her love for Korean dramas, Saranghae. Because of her passion for this, she studied the Korean language and learned the basics. The “A” is for authentic which signifies her true and authentic self being in the pageant.

The first question asked of her is how to manage her 1000 emails if she’s allowed to only read 100 from it. With knowledge, she answered that she will prioritize her flagged emails. This feature enables a person to give significance to things she sees are important and urgent.

Here are her answers to the other two questions:

If you could change something about yourself what would it be and why?

“If I could change myself well in terms of physicality, I know there are a lot of things to improve on but I wouldn’t want to change anything because you know, I want young girls to feel beautiful in their own skin no matter what they are given. Or, yeah, I just want young girls to feel inspired and empowered in their own skin. So I don’t want to change anything about myself.”

How has the pandemic challenged you?

“The pandemic has challenged me to become a better and more strategic person, especially in the workplace. So as HR, I’m used to face-to-face assessments, interviews, and engagements. And of course, we had to adapt and learn new ways of working. So I had to, you know, Coordinate my work into the virtual format. So I… because of that I became more resourceful and adaptable to the current situation. But yes, definitely, all, everyone, can relate that it has been…”

Meanwhile, here are the winners of the five virtual challenges as selected by the panelists:

  • Headshot Challenge – Maria Corazon Abalos of Mandaluyong
  • Introduction Challenge – Beatrice Luigi Gomez of Cebu City
  • Runway Challenge – Steffi Rose Aberasturi of Cebu Province
  • Casting Challenge – Maureen Christa Wroblewitz of Pangasinan
  • Interview Challenge – Victoria Velasquez Vincent of Cavite


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