Mayor Calls Out Nas Daily, Claims Vlogger Said “Who Cares About Farmers”

NAS DAILY – According to San Fernando, Camarines Sur Mayor, Fermin Mabulo, Nas Daily said: “Who Cares About Farmers”.

Mabulo is the father of Louise De Guzman, who recently called out the vlogger for allegedly exploiting Whang-od. Following the back-and-forth statements from Nas Daily and her Daughter, Mabulo said that he can’t sit on the sidelines, especially when someone is going after his daughter.

In a Facebook post, Mabulo recalled the events that transpired when Nas Daily came to visit. According to him, he received a call from somebody who introduced himself as “Nussier of Nas Daily”.

"Who Cares About Farmers?" Mayor Claims Nas Only After Content

Afterward, he asked if he could do a feature on her daughter Louise in one of his vlogs. But, Louise told Nas and his team beforehand that her cacao trees were still on a flowering stage, as such, nothing much could be shown.

Instead, Louise wanted to focus on the farmers and not herself, since, her venture is still not at the stage that Nas Daily wanted to focus on. As per the post, the mayor said:

During breakfast at the hotel, Nas was busy trying to come up with a script on how to present his content. Louise told him to see the farm first because his script may not be consistent with the reality on the ground.

But, according to Mayor Mabulo, Nas only wanted to create a video that would get the most likes, views, and shares, especially from his Filipino audience. Furthermore, he claimed that Nas said that anything he posts with “Philippines in it is sure to get at least a million likes”.

Moreover, when Louise said that she wanted to shift focus from herself to the farmers, the Mayor alleged that Nas said “who cares about the farmers?“.

At that point, Mabulo lost interest in the entire video that Nas Daily wanted to do. He claimed that Nas wanted to create content that wasn’t a true reflection of the realities on the farms.

Allegedly, Nas said: “Mr. Mayor we have a problem! We do not have content!“. However, as a reply, the Mayor said “we don’t have a problem, you have a problem“.

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