Sharon Cuneta “Tinamaan Ng Tequila” In Viral Body Shot w/ Marco Gumabao

“Revirginized” actress Sharon Cuneta reveals something about doing body shots with Marco Gumabao in their film.

SHARON CUNETA – Megastar Sharon Cuneta admits that tequila really got into her while they were filming the body shot scene for her movie.

The newest film of Megastar Sharon Cuneta is ‘Revirginized’ which is directed by Darryl Yap. Her leading man is Marco Gumabao, a much younger actor than her and this film is absolutely different from all the other films she has done in the past. When the trailer was released, she shocked the people of her curses in the film and some can’t even believe that she can actually said those nasty words. However, all of those was just for her movie.

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Her husband Senator Kiko Pangilinan is supportive of her role in that project and expressed that he sees nothing wrong in letting his wife do it because it’s all part of her growth as an artist. He believes it’s her “reinvention” to gather audience. In the trailer, the Megastar showed her talent in doing drama but also showed another side of her acting skills – doing a wild and funny role.

To recall, Marco and the Megastar have had this viral body shot and in a previous article, the young actor admitted that he accordingly bathe thrice before doing it. Apart from that, he also scrubbed his body thinking that it’s the Megastar who will do a body shot to him for a scene for their film.

And as they did that particular scene, Sharon admitted that the tequila has gotten into her. During the virtual media conference as per PEP, the body shot was not a part of the script. Also, the veteran actress find it funny thinking that she’s done it with the young actor because it is something she has never done to the men she married.

Their director then revealed that the tequila took an effect on her. She went to him and expressed that what people say about this alcoholic drink is true. Sharon said, “Kasi, noon… I really don’t drink because I have an aversion to alcohol. I actually don’t understand bakit gusto ng tao yung alcohol. Pero yung tequila, tunay pala. So, pagganun ko, sabi ko, buti na rin, sa loob-looban ko!”

She’s also thankful to Marco, her leading man, who guided her. The Megastar furthered that she has really done things that she never did before for this film. As per the report, they are both thankful for the effect the tequila has given them for that scene because they thought it would be weird to fake the acting of being drunk if they were given water.


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