Sharon Cuneta Slams Bashers Of Viral “Body Shot” Photos With Marco Gumabao

The tequila body shots scene that Sharon Cuneta did for a movie has earned various comments and here’s her reaction to it.

SHARON CUNETA – Megastar Sharon Cuneta did unexpected scenes for her new movie and this is how she reacted to the backlash.

To love yourself and to love the body you own is a must regardless of age or gender. Megastar Sharon Cuneta portrayed something out of her comfort roles in her recent movie. She was revirginized and it seemingly sends a message to women of her age that it doesn’t matter where you are in your life as long you do things that make you happy without affecting anyone.

Sharon portrays a woman who just discovered something in herself being meant to enjoy the youth she found. It’s a whole new mindset introduced to people because they have this certain perception about women in their 40s or 50s who are already accomplished. Such perception is different from the role that Sharon played and also, personally for her, this is her first time being paired with a younger leading man who is Marco Gumabao, 26 years old.

And the viral body shot photos from the movie have been circulating online lately. It has received various comments coming from the conservative fans of the megastar. But behind the malicious definition of some people to it, it seems like it only showed that despite being older, age must not hinder a person’s want to enjoy, embrace herself being a woman or himself as a man, and to be confident in body, thoughts, and actions.

Reacting to the comments received, the megastar took social media to air her thoughts. She expressed no care at all over those comments because she loves her character, Carmela. She thanked her director and leading man in this film because she was accordingly able to the things she never thought she would as a woman who will be turning 50 soon.

She also left this message for the bashers, “At sa mga bashers, pag 55 na kayo at malapit lapit ang itchura nyo sa akin ngayon, chaka lang kayo magkaka-K mandiri! Yuck kayo! Hahahahaha!”


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