Sharon Cuneta Hits Back To Body-Shaming, “Balyena” Comment

Here’s the reply of Sharon Cuneta to offensive and body-shaming comments.

SHARON CUNETA – Megastar Sharon Cuneta posts rare photo in swimwear and has this reply to a body-shaming comment about it.

Over the weekend, Megastar Sharon Cuneta served her fan and supporters online her photo in a one-piece swimwear which is something she did for the first time in a long time. It showed how much weight she lost and at the age of 55, many people were envious of her youthful skin which doesn’t look like her real age.

Her photos showed her in a much slimmer figure. On her page, her swimsuit now, as per her revelation, is now size 10. She also shared that way back, she’s just 6 or 8 and would panic already at 8. Her slimmer figure is because of a diet she religiously follows and all throughout, she had already lost some 60 to 80 pounds to the point that losing another 20 is not much work to her now.

She also admitted to taking inspiration from her daughter KC Concepcion in doing her poses. However, no matter how beautiful and gorgeous the megastar looked in that photos, body-shamers behind the keyboard were on where one told her she looks like “balyena” or whale.

Playing along with the offensive comment, Cuneta replied seemingly unfazed, “Dugong naman”.

Sharon Cuneta
Photo grabbed on IG

Meanwhile, her eldest, KC, had also faced a lot of body-shaming comments but those didn’t take her confidence down as she continued flaunting her curves and body. One time, she addressed the body-shamers in a message telling them, “My message for body-shamers is to know exactly what you’re fighting for first of all kasi merong mga health issues ang mga tao kaya ganun ang mga katawan nila.” 


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