Janella Salvador Shares Story How She & Markus Became A Couple

This is how Markus Paterson asked Janella Salvador to officially be his girlfriend.

JANELLA SALVADOR – Returning actress after giving birth, Janella Salvador, shares to Vicki Belo how Markus Paterson pursued her and how they officially became a couple.

Young parents Markus Paterson and Janella Salvador are among the celebrity couples who are low-key about their relationship. It took some months for them to finally confirm that they have now a baby and through an intimate video blog shared on YouTube, they introduce Jude to the public, their son.


The actress gave birth in the United Kingdom by choice to give their son the benefits of being a dual netizen and to also get away from the possible critical comments that people might throw against them. The Star Magic family expressed support for them as they embark on this journey of parenthood together.

And just recently, finally opening up about their relationship, Janella shared in the vlog of Dra. Vicki Belo that having a child wasn’t exactly planned but they were the happiest upon finding out that they are going to be a family soon with their little bundle of joy. She is now back to acting and in the interview, she revealed that with the help of her mother Jenine Desiderio, they are basically being hands-on to attend to Jude. They didn’t hire a helper to help them. She is as well thankful for her partner who is a very good father to baby Jude.


Looking back, Janella shared that she and Markus met during an MMK taping where she played Moira Dela Torre and him as her ex-boyfriend. It was where it all started and she recalled after that, he was already making some moves to her then by messaging her and going out with her through the female singer. He was making Moira an excuse to see her accordingly. Until such time he already got the courage to ask her out.

However, prior to the MMK episode, she already met him at a music festival and he was drunk at that time. She found him cute but she did not put much attention to him at that moment until the MMK happened. Admitting to the celebrity doctor that she is an introvert, she narrated that their first date was actually just in her home.


And in dating white guys, one thing that Janella discovered is that their Western ways do not include formal asking to be anyone’s girlfriend. She explained to him how such things work in our country and she was glad that he understood it. He doesn’t know where to start or how to even start it from somewhere but vivid in her memory, Janella shared that he brought her to a place where he used to get involved in a situation before.

Asking why he took her there, this is what he accordingly told her: “Because now that you are in my life, I don’t want to get into any trouble anymore.”

After saying that to her, he took it as a signal to formally ask her to be his girlfriend and for them to be officially together as a couple.

Here’s the full story straight from Janella below:


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