Janella Salvador Shares Stand About Son Joining Showbiz

Janella Salvador

Here’s what Janella Salvador said about this matter. Will she allow Jude to pursue a career in show business? Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador reveals her personal stand. Newly-renewed Kapamilya star Janella Salvador started young in the show business industry, will she allow her son Jude should he follow in her steps? View this post on … Read more

Janella Salvador Speaks How Her Trauma Affected Relationship w/ Markus Paterson

Janella Salvador

In an interview, Janella Salvador has these confessions about her trauma and how it is affecting her life. JANELLA SALVADOR – The Kapamilya actress revealed how her past trauma has affected her relationship with Markus Paterson. Last September 2022, what ended the split rumors involving celebrities Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson was the actress’ candid … Read more

Janella Salvador Is Markus Paterson’s “Best Relationship”; Actor Admits

Janella Salvador

Markus Paterson says why Janella Salvador is his best relationship. JANELLA SALVADOR – Former couple Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson are co-parenting and the actor says she is his best relationship. Shortly after returning to the Philippines with their baby, Janella Salvador and Markus Paterson face split rumors. They did not immediately admit it at … Read more

Janella Salvador Receives Sweet Birthday Message From Ex-BF Markus

Janella Salvador

Markus Paterson greets Janella Salvador on her birthday. JANELLA SALVADOR – Markus Paterson greets Janella Salvador who turned 25 just recently. Here’s his message for her. Last year, Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador confirmed that she is a single mom which also confirmed that she and her boyfriend back then Markus Paterson have separated. But despite … Read more

Janella Salvador Trauma With Drunk Men, Markus Has Drinking Problem

Janella Salvador

To recall, Janella Salvador has trauma with drunk men and Markus Paterson allegedly has a drinking habit. JANELLA SALVADOR – Amid the controversial stories, people online talked about Markus Paterson’s statement about hurting a woman. Last February, Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador openly talked about her trauma around men who are drunk because of her past … Read more

Markus Paterson Remarks About Past Relationship Slammed Online

Markus Paterson and Janella Salvador

People from the online community slammed Markus Paterson because of this statement. MARKUS PATERSON – Kapamilya actors Markus Paterson is single again and this is the statement he made that caught online attention. Over the weekend based on a previous article, Darna actress Janella Salvador confirmed that she is now a single mother which, on the … Read more

Janella Salvador As Valentina – Actress Speaks About Her Role

Janella Salvador As Valentina

Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador gushes about her Valentina role in Darna series. JANELLA SALVADOR – The Darna TV series has already aired its pilot episode and playing Valentina is Janella Salvador. Kapamilya actress Jane De Leon is the new actress to play Darna, an iconic role that’s been passed to actresses of different generations. And … Read more