Kamote Rider w/ Multiple Traffic Violations Involved in “Hit-and-Run” Incident

Kamote Rider w/ Multiple Traffic Violations Caught on Camera During “Hit-and-Run” Incident

The video footage of a kamote rider who has been involved in a ‘hit-and-run’ incident goes viral and earn criticisms from netizens.

The Facebook page “Philippines CCTV & DASH CAM Spotted” has shared the video footage of a kamote rider with multiple traffic violations involved in a ‘hit-and-run’ incident. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that the vehicles were peacefully passing along the road when a vehicle tried to go out of a house slowly. Unfortunately, a reckless driver with multiple traffic violations slightly hit the car.

Kamote Rider

The culprit did not even stop to check the vehicle and failed to apologize to the driver. The reckless driver immediately run as if nothing happens. The incident happened last Sunday (june 13, 2021).

Aside from the hit-and-run incident, the reckless rider together with its back rider were not wearing a crash helmet and safety gears. Not wearing proper gears for riding may put the life of a motorcycle rider at risk.

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Kamote Rider

Here is the full post:

This incident happened yesterday (June 13, 2021) 5:15 pm. I am a victim of hit and run by the so called ” Kamote Rider “. I am not claiming anything to the damage of my car. My only concern is, be a responsible motorist and ready to face all the sequences you’ve done.

Patunayan ninyo na karapatdapat kyo na maging driver o rider. Huminto man lng sana kayo at humingi ng dispensa ay okay na. Hnd yung pag nasangkot na kyo sa isang aksidente ay pagtakbo ang unang naiisip nyong gawin at dahil sa wala ding disiplina sa pagmamaneho ay bk kayo mismo ang malagay ang buhay sa kritikal at ilalagay nyo pa ang buhay ng inosenteng driver sa isang malaking problema na kayo mismo ang may gawa. Nakalusot kayo ngaun pero wag maging kampante dahil bk dumating ang araw nyo na labis nyong pagsisihan,

Driving without helmet.

The online community expressed their reactions to the incident:

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