Colombia Becomes Warzone, Riot Police Ordered To Attack Protesters

Colombia Becomes A Warzone As Authorities Order No Restriction Attack On Protesters

COLOMBIA – Tensions escalate in Colombia as it becomes a warzone with riot police ordered to attack protesters.

President Iván Duque has withdrawn the proposal that he insisted on the need for a solution to the pandemic-battered economy in Colombia after days of deadly protests throughout Colombia against a planned national fiscal increase.

Colombia Becomes Warzone, Riot Police Ordered To Attack Protesters

Protests started last week resulted in numerous deaths and, despite a Duque’s promise on Friday to remove some of the most controversial provisions of the bill, they went on over the weekends. The proposed overhaul was announced on Sunday to be shelved and replaced.

According to reports, the president said:

I am asking Congress to withdraw the law proposed by the finance ministry and urgently process a new law that is the fruit of consensus, in order to avoid financial uncertainty

Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic caused massive unemployment rates. But, despite this, the government pushed through with increasing the value added tax of numerous goods.

Due to the tax changes and the economic struggle, tens of thousands of people — many organized by unions — protested at the tax bill, expressing indignation. They ignored health officials warning that the protests could become superviral coronavirus events.

Sadly, chaos still ensued Colombia with innocent civilians simply walking down a lit street are killed without reason. Here is one of the videos on Instagram:

While the majority of the protests were peaceful, the riot police used tear gas and struck demonstrators, some of whom plundered and vandalized buildings and vehicles.

The number of people killed by policers and protesters hasn’t yet become definitive, but the prosecutor’s office said it investigated 14 deaths on a national basis on Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile human-rights groups reported police abuse—especially in Cali, the third largest city—was responsible for more than 20 people’s deaths, Reuters said. In Soacha on the outskirts of the capital, Bogotá, a police officer was also reported to have been killed.

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