COVID-19 Philippines: Cases May Rise To 12k To 13K Daily By April

An expert group said COVID-19 Philippines cases will likely rise by 12k To 13K by next month.

COVID-19 PHILIPPINES – OCTA Research Group said on Saturday that the COVID-19 infected daily cases in the country will likely increase to 12k To 13K by April.

The newly-recorded daily COVID-19 cases in the Philippines is at 9,838 and this number is by far the highest ever recorded by the country in a single day since the lockdown started last year. In a previous article, within one to two months, the total cases of infection may reach a million as per OCTA research group if the surge continues and if the new interventions implemented will not work out.

COVID-19 Philippines
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OCTA Research fellow Dr. Guido David furthered that the daily log of infection by April may rise for up to 12,000 to 13,000. He said this on Saturday as he urged the government to extend the implementation of NCR Bubble where areas such as Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal were put under a general community quarantine but with additional restrictions which started on March 22 and will last until April 4.

The difference of last year where most of the areas in the country were put under lockdown is because of the low reproduction rate and the surge last year was not variant-driven. The extension is aimed to slow down the infection because the increasing cases will likely overwhelm the hospitals where most of it now have reached their full capacity.

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As much as were are all aware, the lockdown has greatly made an impact on our economy which is why the NCR bubble was created. It is meant to balance the recovery and curb the spread of infection. David said in an interview on TeleRadyo as per ABS-CBN report that if the objective is to bring down the case, the government could resort to a stricter lockdown. However, if the target is to balance two things at once, we can all resort to continue livelihood but with tighten restrictions or strengthen health protocols. The effect of this can be seen if done in about 4 weeks or even longer.


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