Disappointed Netizen Slams Cop For Wearing Substandard Helmet

Disappointed Netizen Airs Criticism Against Cop Wearing Substandard Helmet & Back Rider

A disappointed netizen lambasted a police officer who is wearing a substandard helmet while its back rider is not wearing it properly.

The traffic authorities and the Philippine government are working together to implement stricter rules and regulations to reduce the increase cases of vehicular accidents along the road. However, enforcers should be the first to follow the policy.

A Facebook user named Von Joshua Capistrano has shared the photos of a policeman and its back rider committing a traffic violation. The post is now circulating online after it was posted on social media.

kamote cop rider

In the photos, it can be seen that the cop is wearing a bicycle helmet instead of full face helmet while driving motorcycle. Its back rider is not wearing the helmet properly, which is considered as a dangerous act.

Capistrano said that he has been caught and apprehended for wearing a substandard helmet. He is questioning the authorities why no one is apprehending the policeman who committed the same violation along C5.

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Kamote Cop Rider

Here is the full post:

naranasan ko na mahuli ng sub standard helmet

pero baket kau di na huhule nasa c5 kau bike helmet soot mo chief tapos back ride mo baliktad helmet.

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