Netizen Airs Dismay to Lechon Naletse: “Hilaw na, may laman-loob pa!”

Netizen Dismayed at the Alleged “Hilaw” Lechon Naletse Ordered for An Event A frustrated netizen aired disappointment on social media after receiving a Lechon that is allegedly “naletse” over uncooked parts. Michelle Halasan, a Facebook user, couldn’t hide her dissatisfaction with the roasted pig she bought for their important event. Michelle’s post went viral after … Read more

Disappointed Netizen Slams Irresponsible Drivers for Illegal Parking

Disappointed Netizen

Irresponsible Drivers Criticized by Disappointed Netizen for Illegal Parking A disappointed netizen lambasted the irresponsible driver for illegal parking causing traffic congestion along the road. Nowadays, the massive traffic congestion is one of the major problems in different regions across the Philippines. Excessive number of vehicles and vehicular accidents are some of the major factors of heavy … Read more

Disappointed Netizen Found Disgusting Object Inside Popular Soy Sauce Brand

Soy Sauce Brand

Disappointed Netizen Air Dismay After He Found Disgusting Object Inside Pack of Popular Soy Sauce Brand A disappointed netizen has expressed his frustration after he found a disgusting object inside the package of a popular soy sauce brand. Nowadays, soy sauce is one of the most popular liquid condiments used in cooking some of our favorite dishes. … Read more

Disappointed Netizen Posts Video of J&T Express Mishandling Parcels

J&T Express

J&T Express Caught on Camera Mishandling Parcels, Disappointed Netizen Posts it Online A disappointed netizen has posted the video footage of J&T Express mishandling parcels at their warehouse. A few years ago, J&T Express Philippines has been involved in various issues and controversies after the video footage of some personnel mishandling parcels circulates online. A … Read more

Disappointed Netizen Warns Public vs Scammers “Nakuha pero hindi daw nadeliver”

Disappointed Netizen

Disappointed Netizen Warns Public vs Scammers Reporting Delivery Rider of Failing to Deliver the Orders A disappointed netizen warned the public against scammers reporting delivery riders to the company after receiving the orders. A Facebook user Arnel Salcedo has shared the photos of heartless scammers who were allegedly reporting delivery riders to the company after … Read more

Netizen Air Dismay to Fast-Food’s New K-Burger Over Uncooked Chicken

Fast-Food’s New K-Burger Goes Viral After Netizen Complains Uncooked Chicken A concerned netizen air dismay towards famous fast-food after their new limited edition K-burger (Korean Chicken Burger) was uncooked. On Facebook, a netizen named Haizelle Ann Asuncion-Dometita air disappointment to the famous fast-food chain McDonald’s after she received an undone chicken patty from their new … Read more

Disappointed Netizen Slams Crazy Prankster After Making Prank Call to Firefighters

Disappointed Netizen

Disappointed Netizen Criticizes Crazy Prankster After Pranking Firefighters HEARTLESS PRANKSTER – A disappointed netizen lambasted a crazy prankster after making a ‘prank call’ to firefighters in San Juan City. Fire is one of the most unexpected incidents happening in various regions all around the world. It could take lives and destroy properties. It can also … Read more

Disappointed Netizen Slams Cop For Wearing Substandard Helmet

Kamote Cop Rider

Disappointed Netizen Airs Criticism Against Cop Wearing Substandard Helmet & Back Rider A disappointed netizen lambasted a police officer who is wearing a substandard helmet while its back rider is not wearing it properly. The traffic authorities and the Philippine government are working together to implement stricter rules and regulations to reduce the increase cases … Read more