Sunshine Cruz On Blind Item About Angelina From DLSU’s Freedom Wall

This is the reaction of Sunshine Cruz to the “obvious” blind item about her daughter.

SUNSHINE CRUZ – Drama actress Sunshine Cruz and her daughter Angelina clapped back to the blind item about the latter circulating online.

Under Sunshine Cruz’s custody are her three daughters in a co-parenting setup with former husband Cesar Montano namely Angelina, Samantha, and their youngest, Cheska who are all teenagers now. Sunshine and her daughters, due to their beauty, have struggled to fight online harassment against them.

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Despite feeling offended about it, they remained brave to speak for themselves and they have already sent someone out of his job following malicious statements about Angelina, their eldest. And recently, facing yet another controversy, but this time about school affairs is Angelina.

From the DLSU’s freedom wall online is a blind item about someone who perfected a soap endorsement but can’t do the same in their group’s task. Angeline happens to be in the same school and she is the newest endorser of a famous soap brand.

On her Instagram, she clarified this and expressed that she diligently does her tasks to which her previous groupmates and classmates can vouch for her. She even stated, “I really don’t see the point of targeting me just because you’re hidden behind anonymity. Next time, you’re free to just message me if you think my work was lacking.”

Sunshine Cruz Angelina Cruz
Photo grabbed on IG
Sunshine Cruz Angelina Cruz
Photo grabbed on IG

And also on social media. Sunshine, who’s always been protective of her daughters, also addressed this issue and defended her daughter. In her post she stated, “I know how hard working my daughter is when it comes to school. She won’t be a deans lister for nothing. Be proud of other people’s achievements and stop bringing them down.”

She also mockingly advised the persons behind to use the soap they are endorsing to not just clean their body but also cleanse their hearts.


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