Sunshine Cruz On Negative Comments About Her Age

Sunshine Cruz

This is what Sunshine Cruz said about this kind of comments. Actress-model Sunshine Cruz has this response to those who shower her negative comments because of her age. 46-year-old actress-model Sunshine Cruz is an epitome of what healthy and beautiful aging is. She is fit and healthy and she definitely doesn’t look her age. She … Read more

Sunshine Cruz Reason For Buying A Bigger House

Sunshine Cruz

This is the reason why Sunshine Cruz decided to have an upgrade. Famous actress Sunshine Cruz speaks about her new house and this is accordingly the reason why she got a bigger one. In 2013, determined to move forward following her highly publicized separation from her husband Cesar Montano is actress Sunshine Cruz. She bought … Read more

Sunshine Cruz Birthday Message For Ex-Husband Cesar Montano

Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano

Here’s the birthday message Sunshine Cruz penned for the father of her three daughters. Famous actress Sunshine Cruz took to social media her birthday message to actor Cesar Montano, her ex-husband. After 10 years of not being on speaking terms following the separation, the reunion of Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano has warmed the hearts … Read more

Sunshine Cruz On Real Reason Why She Forgave Cesar Montano

Sunshine Cruz

This is what made Sunshine Cruz forgive her ex-husband after everything that has happened to them. SUNSHINE CRUZ – In an interview with Karne Davila, actress Sunshine Cruz speaks about separation from Cesar Montano and forgiving him. Many were delighted to see the reunion of former couple Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz. After many years … Read more

Sunshine Cruz Has This Constant Reminder To Her Daughters

sunshine cruz daughters

Sunshine Cruz always stands by the things she advises her daughters Actress Sunshine Cruz has this constant reminder to her three daughters Samantha, Angelina, and Angel Francheska. Sunshine has had her fair share of intrigues and controversies since she started her career in the entertainment industry. She is not also a newbie when it comes … Read more

Sunshine Cruz Considers Cesar & His Partner Kath “Family”

Sunshine Cruz

Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz are planning to spend the holidays together this year. SUNSHINE CRUZ – Famous actress Sunshine Cruz speaks about spending this year’s holiday with new family Cesar Montano and his partner. Award-winning actor Cesar Montano and his ex-wife Sunshine Cruz are now on good terms. Their blended family is something many people … Read more