Male Passenger Exposes Ketchup Modus Used by Unidentified Suspects

Male Passenger Exposes Ketchup Modus Used After He Was Victimized by Unidentified Suspects Inside Public Transport

A male passenger has exposed the “ketchup modus” operandi allegedly used by unidentified suspects to fraud their victims.

A Facebook user named Mark Cruz Pajaroja has shared his horrifying experience with unidentified thieves who stole his mobile phone. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Pajaroja narrated that he is riding a public transport while heading to work when six guys entered the jeepney. Two of the passengers sit in front of him and two other guys sit beside him.

Male Passenger

After a few moments, a person in front of him that a ‘Badjao’ allegedly spit on his clothes and found a ketchup on his shoulder.  At first, he did not mind it but other passengers offered to help him and wipe the dirt from his shirt.

Another passenger told him that someone stole his iPhone 11 but immediate escaped. He tried to chase the culprit and a motorcycle rider riding offered help to chase the suspect but failed to do so.

Eventually, he realized that the rider is one of the culprit’s colleague who tried to divert his attention. The suspects even tried to open his bank account using his mobile phone.

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Male Passenger Male Passenger Male Passenger Male Passenger

Here is the full post:


March 02, 2021: Around 9PM I rode my way to work using the public transport which I always did. This is just an ordinary day to me. And so I thought. During my travel time may sumakay na 6 na lalaki sa may Junction. 2 of them sat infront of me while the other 2 comfortably seated beside me. After few minutes, the person seated in front of me is pointing in my left shoulder and saying na may Badjao na dumura sakin. Pag tingin ko may ketchup na sa balikat ko and since I dont have a tissue handy at that time, I decided na hindi ko nalang muna pinansin. However, yung mga tao sa jeep ay hindi mapakali sa balikat so I asked if they have tissue. Nilagay ko yung phone sa bag ko and opted to wipe what’s in my shoulder. Yung lalaki sa left decided to help me not knowing that the person in my right already got my iPhone 11 nang hindi ko napapansin. Bigla nalang ako sinabihan ng mga tao sa jeep na bumaba na yung kumuha ng phone ko. Bumaba ako para habulin then may lalaking nakamotor na tumulong since nakita nya na sumakay ng jeep yung magnanakaw. He offered to help me out habulin yung jeep so I decided to grab his help but hindi na namin nahabol dahil nag stop light. Since I believe that there’s no chance of getting my phone back so I decided to report to work.

Paki basa nalang yung description kada picture for further details at yung ibang victim ng ketchup modus.

Please keep safe always!

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