House Panel Urges DSWD To Release Social Pension of Senior Citizens Every 3 Months

DSWD Urged by House Panel To Release Social Pension of Senior Citizens Every 3 Months Instead of 6 Months

The House of Representatives Committee is urging DSWD to release the social pension of senior citizens every three months.

On Thursday (March 4, 2021), the panel adopted House Resolution No. 1047 filed by Deputy Speaker Rufus Rodriguez aiming to adjust the releasing of social pension from the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Rodriguez wants senior citizens to receive their P500-monthly social pension every three months instead of six months. Senior citizens should receive their social pension with a total of P1, 500 for three months.

Social Pension

“Due to lockdowns and quarantines in many parts of the country, many businesses struggled, resulting in loss of jobs for many Filipinos, including senior citizens who are still productive members of society,” Rodriguez said.

Currently, senior citizens are receiving P3, 000 each every six months, which is quite long before their next pension.

Deputy Speaker Lito Atienza said that they have adopted the resolution as the lawmakers criticized the absence of DSWD representatives during the hearing.

Social Pension

“Failure on their part, Mr. Chairman, I would move for the approval of this resolution of Deputy Speaker Rufus Rodriguez with no participation from Social Welfare who don’t seem to be interested in the subject anyway,” Atienza said.

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