Kabang, Hero Dog In Zamboanga Honored With Statue

Kabang, Hero Dog In Zamboanga Honored With Statue

KABANG – Kabang, the hero dog known for saving two young girls from a motorcycle, losing her snout, was honored with a 1.2-meter statue.

NEWLEASE ON LIFE In this 2013 photo, veterinarian Anton Lim presents Kabang to reporters after the dog’s surgery in the United States. —INQUIRER FILE PHOTO | Image from: Inquirer

A dog lover commissioned Mindanao artist Kublai Millan to make a statue made of aluminum to honor Zamboanga’s hero dog.

According to a report from Inquirer, Dr. Anton Lim, who went great lengths to find a way to fix the dog’s injury, said taht the statue would be a gift to Zamboangueños, the Philippines and the world, by an unknown donor, who was touched by Kabang’s story.

“The statue [will serve] as a testament [to] a dog’s unconditional love,”

“It [will] be a constant reminder to us of that love and why we have to love them and for us to serve as their voice and protect them against animal cruelty. It is the mission of Kabang that aspins should not be treated differently because she is a mixed dog or aspin,”

Team Kabang member Mona COnsunji said that they will embed a time capsule into the statue with the first newspaper article on the dog by Inquirer reporter Julie Alipala, as well as her fur and nail trimmings.

“The statue will honor the heroic deed of Kabang and be a constant reminder to us that our pets deserve our protection and love in return,”

“Since Kabang is a mixed breed, her story should open the eyes of people and [encourage them] not to treat them differently.”

The hero dog became a national celebrity after she jumped into the path of a motorcycle on Nuñez Extension, Zamboanga, to save the daughter and niece of her owners from being run over. Ths cost her to lose the upper portion of her snout after it was crushed by the motorcycle, based on the report.

The statue installed on Roseller T. Lim Boulevard, Lim said. However, the city government was still deliberating on the exact spot.

“I suggested that [it] should be a dog-friendly area, where dog lovers could converge and bond with dogs and other dog owners,”

In the event of her passing, the statue will serve as her final resting place.

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