Isko Moreno Makes Contact With Kabang The Hero Dog

Isko Moreno Makes Contact With Kabang The Hero Dog

ISKO MORENO – Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno recently met hero dog Kabang and advocates on animal rights to talk about managing the rapid rise of strays.

Photo from Manila PIO | Image from: ABS-CBN News

In the previous report, he ordered the pullout of all the electric tricycles in the capital. This was after Metropolitan Manila Manila Development Authority (MMDA) General manager Jojo Garcia classified the said vehicles as toys.

This was forwarded in social media, specifically Twitter. Thus, many netizens gave mixed reactions on the ordinance made by the mayor.

Recently, on Friday, the Manila city mayor met with the hero dog Kabang and animal rights advocates in order to discuss plans on how to deal with the rapid increase in numbers of stray cats and dogs in Manila.

According to a report from ABS-CBN, Kabang is the hero dog hailed by the city of Zamboanga as their “ambassador of dogwill”. The dog saved two children from a motor crash, losing his snout in the process in the year 2013.

Moreno had a pet beagle before, thus he said that he loves dogs. He further told Kabang’s handlers that there will be a place for the stray dogs and cats, showing them the plans for a new city pound.

As per the report, Moreno added that he might consider adding a free castration program for the animals in order to limit population growth of these animals.

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