MGCQ For Entire PH Risky, Says OCTA Research Group

OCTA Research Group Warns MGCQ For Entire PH Risky, Costly

MGCQ FOR ENTIRE PH RISKY – Recently, there have been talks to impose a modified general community quarantine for the entirety of the Philippines.

Currently, the plan is still a proposal. However, President Rodrigo Duterte said he would be studying the proposition carefully before making a decision.

Meanwhile, according to the OCTA Research group, placing the entire PH under a lax version of the GCQ could be costly. Based on an interview with Dobol B, Dr. Guido David said:

Gusto nating i-balance ang pagbubukas sa risk sa public health. Ayaw rin naman natin na ‘pag nagkaroon ng pagtaas ng bilang ng kaso e mapipilitan tayong bumalik sa ECQ o MECQ.

MGCQ For Entire PH Risky, Says OCTA Research Group
Image from: GMA

He explained that there may be a short recovery of the economy, however, if an outbreak occurs, it would have a graver negative effect in the long run.

Ayaw na natin bumalik dun kasi mas costly ‘yun sa ekonomiya natin ‘pag nangyari ‘yun and may possibility na mangyari ‘yun kapag nagtake tayo ng masyadong malaking risk“, he emphasized.

Furthermore, he stressed that many of the essential businesses are already open under the general community quarantine (GCQ). Instead of a MGCQ, he suggested that the government could increase public transport capacity.

Along with this, he agrees with opening places such as museums where the wearing of face masks and health protocols can be monitored. On the other hand, OCTA Research fellow Professor Ranjit Rye noted that the government should focus first on vaccinating health workers before easing restrictions.

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