Toni Gonzaga On Scolding Alex, Paul Soriano Has This Touching Advice

Here’s what Paul Soriano told Toni Gonzaga on times she would scold sister Alex Gonzaga.

TONI GONZAGA – As a big sister to Alex Gonzaga, Toni Gonzaga tends to sometimes be overly protective and here’s what Paul Soriano said about it.

Among the sisterhoods in showbiz that many people look up to is that of Toni and Alex – the Gonzaga sisters. They are now both married and people are admiring how complete and satisfying both of their lives now. They have good relationships to their parents and both of their husbands have the same vibe – brooding and successful in their respective careers.

And as an older sister, Toni admittedly is really and overly protective. Whenever she sees that her younger sister is doing it wrong, she would always come in and correct her. But realizing that she’s been scolding her almost all the time, she learned that her sister wanted to learn through experiences. That was accordingly the way she wanted to happen.

And talking to her husband director Paul Soriano about this matter, what he told her left a mark on her. This is what her husband has accordingly told her as she shared during her radio interview with RX 93.1 :

‘You know what, you can never change your sister anymore. You can just love her and accept her for who she is. If all the people are already bashing her, condemning her, why would you do the same? Why don’t you just love her? I think as a family member, as a sister, the best thing you can do is—yes, she’s not perfect, she’s just human. She makes mistakes. Don’t let her mistakes define who she is. You should see or look at her how she will grow from this.’

With this explanation she got from him, she came to realize that it is indeed better to support her sister and become a friend to her. Last November 2020, Alex got married to Mikee Morada in a very intimate wedding. She turned 33 last January while Toni is now 37 years old with a toddler.


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