Toni Gonzaga Asks Mikee Morada What Can Make Him Leave Her Sister Alex

Toni Gonzaga Spends Deep Conversation w/ Alex’s Fiance Mikee Morada

TONI GONZAGA – The actress-TV host asked her future brother-in-law, Mikee Morada, what can make him her sister, Alex Gonzaga.

One of the celebrities who got engaged this year is actress-TV host Alex Gonzaga. Her boyfriend, Lipa Councilor Mikee Morada, proposed for marriage to her before her birthday last January.

Alex and Mikee were in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship for over three years when the latter asked her for marriage. Undeniably, a lot of people admire him who is one of the people usually seen in the vlog of the actress-TV host.

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Recently, in her own vlog, Toni Gonzaga had Mikee Morada as her guest. She asked questions she had never asked her future brother-in-law as their conversations usually happen during dinner and are not really deep.

Toni asked Mikee about his childhood and his performances in school. According to him, he really wanted to be a pope and he did well in his studies. His average is usually between 90 to 95.

When he was in his fourth year in high school, also the time when he was praying really hard if he will enter the seminary, that’s when he met the girl who became his first girlfriend. They had a 3-year relationship.

Mikee revealed to Toni that he had two girlfriends before Alex and he is the type of man who really sees marriage when he is in a relationship. According to him, he can only see Alex in the future and that is enough reason for him to fight for her.

Toni Gonzaga asked Mikee Morada what can make him leave Alex. The Lipa Councilor was honest that he does not really like cheating. He is also praying that he is not capable of doing it. Here’s the vlog of the actress:

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