Fake Money versus Real Money: Important Details To Always Remember

Signs and differences between real and fake money you must always remember.

FAKE MONEY – In any situation, there are tips and ways you must always remember as to how to spot a fake money from the real ones.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas just introduced this year a new look and feel with the upgraded versions of Philippine peso bills. There were some design changes that have been done to which is said to boost security versus fake bills. Also, it will also help people recognize the fake ones from the real ones. Accordingly, the security features are being updated on average of every 10 years.

Fake Money

The updated designs were put on ₱50, ₱100, ₱200, ₱500, and ₱1,000 bills. The ₱20 note will be transformed to a coin. Here are the unique features of each bill:

  • ₱100 has an endemic weave from Bicol and has a shifting color from violet to bronze.
  • ₱200 has a Visayan weave and it holographic material can shift it from green to blue
  • ₱500 has a pattern from southern Philippines and the colors shifts from gold to jade when light is moved
  • ₱1,000 has T’nalak weave with micro-optic features

Also, at the edge of real bills, there are embossed markings which will serve as sign and indications for elderly and visually impaired people to easily recognize the amount. There are two horizontal notches on the ₱50 bill, four on the ₱100 bill, six on the ₱200, eight on the ₱500, and 10 on the ₱1,000 bill.

Fake Money

Also, the shining effect on ₱500 and ₱1,000 bills that is moving when you tilt it is an indication that it is a real money. This feature is accordingly hard to be copied to make fake ones. Also, they both have optically variable device patch, reflective foil, which bares the image of the small BSP logo and the Blue-naped Parrot for a ₱500 and the image of the small BSP logo and the south-sea pearl in ₱1,000.

Fake Money

The money are made of cotton and Philippine Abaca which makes it hard to tear and a bit rough to touch.


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