Leren Bautista Shares Glimpse From Ricci Rivero’s Early Birthday Party

Leren Mae Bautista Gives Peek Into Ricci Rivero’s Early Birthday Celebration

LEREN BAUTISTA – Los Baños, Laguna Councilor Leren Mae Bautista shared a glimpse from boyfriend Ricci Rivero’s birthday party.

During their first appearance on Philippine television, Los Baños councilor Leren Mae Bautista and basketball player Ricci Rivero revealed details about their love story. They disclosed that they first crossed paths during Ricci’s birthday feeding program last year.

It’s worth noting that Rivero confirmed his relationship with Bautista in October 2023.

Photo Source: @lerenmaebautista IG

As commonly known, Leren Mae autista is older than him by five years. Addressing the remarks about their age gap, with some teasing her as his “Tita” (aunt), Leren humorously responded, “Natatawa lang ako minsan kasi kapag sinasabi nilang tita daw po ako ni Ricci, sabi ko, ‘Ate lang.’”

Despite the five-year age difference, she emphasized their mutual understanding. Leren even mentioned that despite being older, Rivero surpasses her in maturity.

“Ang level of maturity ni Ricci, parang sabi ko nga, parang mas mature pa siya sa akin pero ako yung mas matanda.”

Photo Source: @lerenmaebautista IG

Ricci Rivero is set to celebrate his 26th birthday later this month. Before the big day arrived, Ricci enjoyed an early birthday bash organized by his close friends and family.

His girlfriend was among those who arranged the surprise festivities. Leren shared a brief video on her Instagram Stories, offering a sneak peek into the celebration.

In the on-screen caption, she amusingly wrote, “Hindi po talaga nangiti yan e, ganyan nga yan. @ricciiirivero Advance Happy 31st minus 5!”

“Thank you guys for this early birthday surprise for Cci! Much Love!” she added.

Photo Source: @lerenmaebautista IG

Additionally, Ricci Rivero posted a picture on his Instagram Stories showcasing the impressive cake presented to him at the celebration.

“Thank you guys sa hindi naman sobra sobrang adv birthday surprise niyo,” Ricci expressed in the caption.

Photo Source: @ricciiirivero IG

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