Doc Adam Concerned For Farrah Agustin: “Sana lang hindi kayo malugi”

Doc Adam Concerned For Farrah Agustin Amid Cabbage Issues

DOC ADAM CONCERNED FOR FARRAH – Following a video debunking Dr. Farrah Agustin’s “cabbages”, threats of a lawsuit were pushed against Doc Adam.

Initially, Doc Adam backed off and said that he’d rather stay away from all the issues and drama as he merely wanted to correct misinformation. However, after a massive flood of support coming from fans and netizens that have just heard the issue, Doc Adam decided to fight back.

Recently, Doc Adam posted on his social media accounts an update regarding his side of the “cabbage wars”:

Noong nagdemanda kayo sa akin, maganda ba ang kinalabasan para sa inyo??? Maybe you should learn by your mistakes, sayang na nga sa pera sayang pa sa oras ang ginagawa ninyo, hindi lang yon di ba, maraming iba pa….. naintindihan ba ninyo o hindi, hows your facebook page btw?? Kung gusto nyo magpatuloy, ok lang para sa akin, marami akong time. Sana lang hindi kayo malugi sa pagbayad sa abogado nyo. nakakatawa naman hahahahaha lol

Doc Adam Concerned For Farrah Agustin: "Sana lang hindi kayo malugi"

Back in 2018, the Food and Drug Administration had shut down the Dr. Farrah Agustin Bunch Natural Medical Center in Tarlac. Furthermore, several products worth close to a million were seized by the FDA.

Two years later, Dr. Farrah caught the attention of Doctor-YouTuber, Doc Adam. The Filipino-speaking Aussie who had practiced medicine for over 18 years exposed Farrah’s medical advice on social media. This led to Farrah’s camp filing a cease and desist order against the Aussie Doctor.

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