Pacquiao-Moreno in 2022? This Photo May Tell A Lot Of Stories

Will there be a Pacquiao-Moreno tandem in the next election?

This Pacquiao-Moreno photo elicited various speculations and one of them is the possible tandem of the two politicians in the 2022 election.

Senator Manny Pacquiao held different positions in the government throughout his political career until he reached the national level. Meanwhile, Mayor Isko Moreno has served his constituents in Manila for several years.

📷: Abante

Just recently, the two politicians were spotted having dinner together, based on the article from Manila Bulletin. Their photo together, which was posted on the Facebook account of Arnold Vegafria, created some speculations regarding the reason of the dinner.

Vegafria, aside from being the Miss World Philippines Organization national director is also the business manager of the boxing champ.

Because of this, speculations surfaced that this could mean there might be a Pacquiao-Moreno tandem in 2022. On the other hand, this could also mean that they are planning for a movie project or an endorsement project together.

📷: Arnold Vegafria FB via MB

Another speculation is that since the Senator is the adopted son of Manila, the meeting was just about his duty in the capital city of the Philippines. They could also be talking about sports project as they are both basketball enthusiasts or it was simply they had to catch-up with each other as they are friends.

The post of Vegafria featuring the Pacquiao-Moreno supposed tandem has this caption: “By some uncanny twist of fate, two of the country’s respected and well-loved public servants accidentally crossed paths recently.”

He also included some points that showed the similarities between the two politicians such as they both came from humble beginnings and they were able to prove their leadership abilities.

What can you say about this?

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