Viral Dog in Taguig Now A Certified Guard Dog in Shopping Mall

Viral Dog Becomes Official Guard Dog of Shopping Mall in Taguig

VIRAL DOG – A furry friend who caught the attention of netizens on social media is now a certified guard dog in a shopping mall in Taguig.

Dogs are among the most intelligent and loyal animals you can ever have. In fact, a lot of people are living not just with one but many dogs in their house as it is considered not only as man’s best friend but also a stress reliever.

To dog lovers, their furry friends are not just their pets but already a part of the family. A lost of a dog is devastating as the love of the owner is immeasurable.

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Sadly, there are many dogs that have no home or considered as stray dogs. Some of these dogs are going in streets and public places. Some of them even went inside the shopping mall.

Previously, an Aspin caught the attention of the online community after the viral dog was caught wandering inside a shopping mall in Taguig. Videos showing him feeling so relaxed inside the mall crossed the surface and entertained a lot of people.

One of the security guards escorted the dog out of the establishment. He did it in a playful and gentle manner that impressed the netizens.

Based on a recent post of Facebook page Cavite Online on social media, the said viral dog is now a certified guard dog of the shopping mall in Taguig. He’s given the name “Dogdog” and can now freely get in and out of the establishment.

Viral Dog

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