Skusta Clee Engaged to Vivamax Artist Girlfriend Ava Mendez?

Skusta Clee and Viva Artist Girlfriend Ava Mendez is Now Allegedly Engaged SKUSTA CLEE – The famous Filipino rapper and his Viva artists girlfriend Ava Mendez is now allegedly engaged. The controversial rapper has gone viral on social media once more after a video of him and his girlfriend Ava Mendez celebrating went viral. According … Read more

Ava Mendez Cozy Photos with Skusta Clee Elicits Reactions Online

Ava Mendez Shares Cozy Photos and Videos with Skusta Clee Goes Viral Vivamax actress Ava Mendez goes viral after sharing cozy photos and videos with the controversial Filipino rapper Skusta Clee. Skusta Clee’s alleged girlfriend, Ava Mendez, has recently found herself in the spotlight because to her latest Instagram posts. Ava proudly shared several intimate … Read more

Aira Lipata Covers Up Skusta Clee’s Name Tattoo: “Sabing wag eh”

Aira Lipata Covers Up Skusta Clee’s Name Tattoo Elicits Reactions Online AIRA MAE LIPATA – The social media personality elicited reactions from the netizens after she covered up the tattoo with Skusta Clee’s name. Aira Mae has recently made the rounds online after being linked to Filipino rapper Skusta Clee or Daryl Jake Borja Ruiz. … Read more

Zeinab Harake Daughter Bia Shows Impressive Knowledge

Zeinab Harake

So smart! At 1 year old, Bia, daughter of Zeinab Harake, is now very familiar with her colors and letters. ZEINAB HARAKE – Content creator Zeinab Harake’s daughter Bia is admired by many because of her sharp mind. As a baby grows up, he or she is becoming more and more curious about things around … Read more

Skusta Clee Sweet Video with Vivamax Actress Ava Mendez Goes Viral

Skusta Clee Ava Mendez

Video of Skusta Clee with Vivamax Actress Ava Mendez Elicits Reactions Video of Filipino rapper Skusta Clee being sweet with Vivamax actress Ava Mendez goes viral and elicits reactions online. The controversial rapper stirred buzz on social media again with his recent Instagram posts. In his Instagram, he shared a video where he is with … Read more

Skusta Clee Video Talking About Zeinab Harake and Bia

Skusta Clee and Zeinab Harake

Here’s a video of Skusta Clee gushing about his ex-partner and their daughter Zebbiana. SKUSTA CLEE – Controversial personality and rapper, Skusta Clee has this video talking about Zeinab Harake and their daughter Bia. Last May, vlogger Zeinab Harake admitted in an interview that she and rapper Skusta Clee has broken up a couple of … Read more

Zeinab Harake Says Men Should Follow Xian Gaza, Here’s Why

xian gaza zeinab harake

Zeinab Harake had this statement about Xian Gaza Vlogger Zeinab Harake said that men should follow social media personality Xian Gaza when it comes to having relationships. Amid Zeinab’s recent issue with talent manager Wilbert Tolentino, Xian was one of the people who defended her. Based on the article in Bandera, Xian, who is a … Read more

Zeinab Harake Denies She Has A Boyfriend Despite Previous Statement

zeinab harake

Zeinab Harake insisted that she is not taken Vlogger Zeinab Harake denied that she has a boyfriend despite previously she stated that she wants her new relationship to be low-key. Zeinab’s love life is quite controversial. The online community has witnessed her relationship with rapper Skusta Clee until their much-talked-about breakup happened. Even after their … Read more