Skusta Clee Sweet Photos With This Former Beauty Queen

Skusta Clee

Netizens have various reactions to these photos of Skusta Clee with Francesca Taruc. Famous rapper-songwriter Skusta Clee was spotted with this beauty queen and netizens have these mixed comments. Daryl Jake Borja Ruiz is more popularly known as Skusta Clee. He is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and social media influencer. His known singles were  “Zebbiana”, … Read more

Zeinab Harake Open To Co-Parenting Situation With Skusta Clee

Zeinab Harake

Famous vlogger Zeinab Harake speaks about the possibility of co-parenting with her former partner. ZEINAB HARAKE – Content creator Zeinab Harake reveals her opinion about co-parenting with rapper Skusta Clee. Social media personalities Zeinab Harake and rapper Skusta Clee did not have a good ending. Their split was highly publicized and it even involved a miscarriage. … Read more

Zeinab Harake Greets Boyfriend, Skusta Clee Has Intriguing Post

Zeinab Harake

Is this the reaction of Skusta Clee to the post of Zeinab Harake about her current boyfriend? ZEINAB HARAKE – Famous rapper Skusta Clee has this intriguing statement after Zeinab Harake posted Father’s Day greeting for her partner. YouTuber Zeinab Harake and rapper Skusta Clee have a highly publicized and controversial split. Their last split … Read more

Zeinab Harake Receives Sweet Post From Rumored Boyfriend

Zeinab Harake

Bobby Ray shares a sweet photo with Zeinab Harake to greet her on Mother’s Day. ZEINAB HARAKE – Famous content creator Zeinab Harake receives a sweet Mother’s Day greeting from her rumored boyfriend. Several days after making public their courtship stage, basketball player Bobby Ray Parks Jr. and content creator Zeinab Harake still create a … Read more

Zeinab Harake, Ray Parks Confirm Dating Rumors

Zeinab Harake, Ray Parks 4

Zeinab Harake, Ray Parks Go Instagram Official ZEINAB HARAKE – Fil-Am basketball player Bobby Ray Parks Jr.’s IG post on Monday confirmed his rumored relationship with content creator Zeinab Harake. Youtube star Zeinab was recently spotted with Fil-Am basketball player Bobby Ray Parks Jr. in Japan. Self-confessed scammer and internet personality Christian “Xian” Gaza was … Read more

Zeinab Harake “Manliligaw”: Meet Bobby Ray Parks Jr.

Zeinab Harake

Here’s what we know about Bobby Ray Parks, the “manliligaw” of Zeinab Harake, a famous vlogger. ZEINAB HARAKE – Filipina-Lebanese Youtube star Zeinab Harake confirms budding romance and here’s what we know about the guy. Social media personality Zeinab Harake was spotted with Fil-Am basketball player Bobby Ray Parks Jr. based on a previous article. He … Read more

VIDEO: Zeinab Harake Twirling Fire Batons During Bia’s Birthday

Zeinab Harake 2

Watch Video of Zeinab Harake Twirling Fire Batons During Daughter Bia’s Birthday ZEINAB HARAKE – Here’s the video of Zeinab Harake twirling fire batons during baby Bia’s second birthday. Fans of Zeinab Harake follow and share whatever she posts on social media. For instance, her split from rapper Skusta Clee generated a lot of attention on all … Read more