Controversial Photo of Jireh Lim Purchasing Box of Liquors Elicits Comments Online

Pinoy Singer Jireh Lim Photo Carrying Box of Liquors Earns Reactions From Netizen

The controversial photo of popular Filipino singer Jireh Lim carrying a box of alcoholic beverages goes viral online.

Jireh Lim is one of the most popular artists who made a mark in the music history of the Philippines. He rose to fame after releasing his popular hit song entitled “Buko”, which caught the attention of Filipino people.

“Buko” has been released in 2011 along with his other hit songs “Magkabilang Mundo,” and “Pagsuko”. His other songs also rose to popularity and obtained spots on the country’s music charts.

Jireh Lim

The Facebook page of “Jireh Lim” has shared the photo of himself while carrying a box of Alfonso Light claiming that it is good for two nights. The photo goes viral and elicits comments from the online community.

A few hours later, the Pinoy singer commented on his own post and claimed that the liquors are only good for half day. He also showed the photo of empty bottles after their drinking session.

Jireh Lim
Jireh Lim

The social media users have expressed their reactions to the photo:

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