Assunta de Rossi Reveals Meaning Behind Her Miracle Baby’s Name

Here’s the meaning behind the name of the baby of Assunta de Rossi

Actress Assunta de Rossi gave birth to her miracle baby with husband businessman Jules Ledesma on October 23 and she revealed the meaning behind the name of their bundle of joy.

Assunta and Jules have been together for almost two decades now but it was just this year when the actress announced her pregnancy. That is was they call their daughter “miracle baby”. After waiting for a long time, the couple finally have their Baby Fiore.

assunta de rossi baby fiore
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The real name of the baby is Guila Fiorentina Alessandra. In a recent Instagram post of Assunta, she shared with the public the meaning behind the name of their miracle baby.

The actress revealed that the three names served as tributes to three important persons in the lives of the couple. Each name was dedicated to remembering these persons in their lives.

Here is what Assunta de Rossi wrote in her Instagram post.

“GIULIA- Just like how you pronounce Julia (sorry, no letter J in the Italian alphabet (Smiling Face With Open Mouth and Cold Sweat emoji) as a tribute to her paternal great-grandfather, Don Julio.

“FIORENTINA — As a tribute to her paternal great-grandmother, Doña Florentina a.k.a. lola Puring (lola’s name is the Spanish version).

“ALESSANDRA — As a tribute to my sister and our lola Alejandra a.k.a. Inang. Plus, I like its meaning, defender/protector.

The coming of Baby Fiore indeed meant celebration in the family of Assunta and Jules. Alessandra de Rossi, also expressed excitement to have finally seen her beautiful niece.

Assunta de Rossi’s mom also felt so happy to see her grandchild as she exclaimed “Lola na ako!”

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