14 Students Sharing w/ 1 Internet Connection To Answer Printed Modules

14 Students Sharing w/ 1 Internet Connection To Answer Printed Modules

The photos of 14 students sharing with only one internet connection just to research to answer their printed modules earn reactions online.

A Facebook user named Rayhana Abdul Ayunan has shared the photos of 14 young students who were sharing with one internet connection to answer their modules. The photos are now circulating online.

Ayunan said that her nieces, nephews, and her two children are sharing with her internet connection to conduct research. The young students were very eager and determine with their studies.


The female netizen said that face-to-face learning is the best method for students to learn and explained that the students could not fully understand the lesson written on printed modules. The students need to use the internet to understand the lesson.

However, Rayhana is experiencing slow and unstable internet connection making it for more difficult for her children and relatives to research. She is also seeking help from kind-hearted people if they can donate gadgets and good internet connection for the students.

The photos were taken during the first day of class for elementary and high school students on Monday (October 5, 2020)

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