Groom Attends Online Class During Wedding Ceremony


Groom Goes Viral After Attending Online Class & Wedding Ceremony at the Same Time ONLINE CLASS OR WEDDING – A certain groom goes viral online after attending his online class during his wedding ceremony. The groom named Ronald Carlton has decided to attend his online class during his wedding day and prove that he is … Read more

Online Cheating Due To Flawed System Says PH Teachers

Teachers Say Online Cheating Amid Distance Learning Due To Flawed System ONLINE CHEATING – Teachers in the Philippines say online cheating amid the new learning scheme is due to a flawed system. Currently, the Philippines is among a few countries that still hasn’t opened face-to-face classes. As such, teachers and students use the new blended … Read more

Dingdong Dantes Shares Zia Dantes’ Excitement For 1st Week Of School

Dingdong Dantes, Zia Dantes 1

Dingdong Dantes Shares Adorable Picture Of Daughter Zia Dantes DINGDONG DANTES – GMA-7 actor and entrepreneur Dingdong Dantes shares an endearing picture of daughter Zia, who looked so excited for her first week of class. Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera met on the set of their 2007 tv series ‘MariMar,’ and what followed their chemistry … Read more

Student Becomes Emotional After Receiving Laptop from Teacher

Kind Teacher Gives Laptop to Grateful Student to Continue Participation in Online Class A grateful student becomes emotional after she received a laptop from his kind teacher as his parents become jobless due to the pandemic. A 21-year-old student can’t help but shed a tear after his former teacher gifted him a laptop to be … Read more

Student Disrespect Teacher After Being Disturbed While Playing Amid Class

Teacher Got Disrespect by Student Allegedly Disturbed Playing During Class STUDENT DISRESPECT TEACHER – A student humiliated his teacher after he was allegedly disturbed on playing an online game amid online class. Owing to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected millions of people in different countries around the world, the Department of … Read more

Teacher Hears Disrespectful Student Cursing Amid Online Class

Disrespectful Student

Video of Disappointed Teacher Who Dismisses Class After Hearing Disrespectful Student Cursing Amid Online Class Earns Reactions Online A disappointed teacher looks sad upon hearing a disrespectful student cursing after he announced a graded recitation during online class. A Facebook user named Ma Angelica Centena Ventura has shared the video footage of a male teacher … Read more

Teacher Admires Student Working at Construction Site While Attending Online Class

Construction Site

Teacher Lauds Student Attending Online Class While Working at Construction Site A male teacher has expressed his praises and admiration towards his student working at a construction site while attending its online class. A Facebook user named Justin Veras has shared the photo of his student working at a construction site while attending its online … Read more