Male Teacher Scolding Student During Online Class For Having No Signal

Male Teacher Scolding Student During Online Class Goes Viral

The video footage of a male teacher who was scolding his student during an online class for having no signal elicits comments.

The Facebook page Mayor Jed “Ging Mabilog” has shared the video footage of a teacher who is scolding his student during an online class. The video spread like a wildfire online and garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, it can be seen that Engr. Inocencio Dadivas of Western Institute of Technology is scolding his student for having no signal. The professor blamed the student for enrolling but having a poor internet connection.

Male Teacher

Eventually, the professor’ garnered a massive amount of criticisms from the social media users because of his action towards the student. A lot of netizens leave distasteful remarks against him.

Recently, ‘Super Radyo Iloilo’ reported that the teacher scolds the student for allegedly being disrespectful. The kid is reportedly absent for five days on his 1:00-4:00 pm class for having an unstable internet connection.

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Male Teacher

The social media page said that the student allegedly disrespected Engr. Dadivas during the online discussion. “present present na ako sir”. Wala, wala signal sir, wala gid signal amo an absent ko Sir, wala signal muh,” the student said.


Engr. Dadivas also gives his side of the story regarding the “>incident “I deal with my students equally sa 18 years ko nga pagtudlo sa WIT.Damo na ko professional na nga mga estudyante, kag kilala nila ako kung paano ako magdisiplina. Kung magkitaay kami, they hug me kay kung anuman ako ka strikto, para na sa ila kaayuhan.”

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