Poor PWD Uses Pedicab to Travel from Manila to Sorsogon

Poor PWD Travels from Manila to Sorsogon Using Pedicab Only

The heartbreaking photo of a poor PWD using a pedicab to travel from Caloocan, Manila heading to Sorsogon, Bicol goes viral online.

Nowadays, a lot of transportation vehicles are still suspended as a part of the community quarantine, which aims to provide the coronavirus disease. The authorities are strictly monitoring the boundaries of each city and provinces.

However, aside from the suspension of some public utility vehicles, some of our countrymen don’t have enough amount of cash to reach their point of destination after losing their jobs due to the lockdown.

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Poor PWD

A Facebook user named Jhun Kevin Castro Peñaflorida has shared the heartbreaking photos of a disabled man traveling from Caloocan, Manila heading to Sorsogon, Bicol. The photo elicits comments from the online community.

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In the photo, it can be seen that the poor disabled man is driving his pedicab with signage saying “Manila Caloocan to Bicol Sorsogon – Private by PWD”. The PWD is enduring the extreme heat of the sun.

Poor PWD

Here is the full post:

Kapag napadaan sa inyo ito paki-abutan naman ng tubig o kahit ano na kaya ninyo maitulong sa kanya alabang area huling sya nakita papunta sorsogon yan.

The social media users expressed their sympathy for the disabled man:

Poor PWD

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