Marjorie Barretto Shares Birthday Preparation in Video

Video of Marjorie Barretto’s Preparation for Birthday Celebration

MARJORIE BARRETTO – The former actress shared through a video the preparation for her birthday celebration.

This month, one of the Filipino celebrities who celebrated their birthday is Marjorie. The mother of five recently turned 46 years old with a timeless beauty.

Marjorie’s five (5) children are Dani, Julia, Claudia, Leon, and Erich. Her three (3) eldest daughters are all grown-up pursuing their chosen path.

Dani is into vlogging. She is now married with Xavi Panlilio and they already have a cute and beautiful little girl, Millie. Julia followed her mom and her aunts into the showbiz industry as an actress.

For Claudia, she focuses on her music. Leon and Erich are the ones often spotted with their mom. Meanwhile, they have family days during Sundays.

Amid the community quarantine due to COVID-19, Marjorie Barretto still had an amazing birthday celebration. She previously shared that her children spoiled her with all the food that she is craving for.

The Barretto siblings have also gathered messages and birthday greetings for their mom from loved ones and friends. These messages really touched the heart of the birthday celebrant.

Despite that there are only a few of them who will be celebrating with her on her birthday due to the quarantine protocols, Marjorie prepared really well. In fact, she stressed that it must really be special as it is for her family.

Through a video, Marjorie Barretto shared her birthday preparation. She got wonderful plates, glasses, and other utensils to be used for the intimate party. These are from the collection of the former actress.

According to Marjorie, she is fond of buying plates and the likes and then she would store it so she can have something to use when there are special occasions. She stressed that she buys inexpensive ones.

Also, she placed some vase with pink roses that were bought at Php 150.00 per dozen. She chose the table clothe given by her mom – the floral ones. Here is the video:

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