Heartless Customer Pranks 30 Delivery Riders to Non-Existent Address

30 Delivery Riders Get Frustrated After Pranked by a Heartless Customer to Non-Existent Address

A heartless customer pranked over 30 delivery riders to a non-existent address, all of them were frustrated after realizing the fake booking.

Nowadays, a lot of delivery workers are expressing their disappointment towards customers who were canceling their orders and making fake bookings. Most of them lose money due to the cruel prank.

The public and the social media users are also urging food delivery companies to impose sanctions and penalties against anyone who will be caught making fake bookings and canceling orders after the food has been prepared.

Heartless Customer

Recently, about 30 delivery riders in Thailand got pranked by an unidentified customer who ordered a massive amount of food to a non-existent address. The employees realized that it was a fake booking after all of them arrived at the same spot.

The frustrated delivery employees get disappointed as the 80 food orders will go to waste and will not be reimbursed. They were left scratching their heads due to the loss as the prankster might be laughing of what he/she did.

The rider filed a police report about the incident to teach the prankster a lesson. The netizens were also hoping that the authorities would apprehend the culprit soon.

Heartless Customer

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