Disappointed Food Panda Rider Expresses Sadness After Client Becomes Unresponsive

The heartbreaking photos of a disappointed Food Panda rider who gets mad after victimized by fake booking goes viral online.

A Facebook user named Bernard Enriquez has shared the heartbreaking photos of a Food Panda rider who gets disappointed and mad after he was victimized by a fake booking. The photos garnered various reactions from the online community.

Enriquez said that the rider delivered 25 boxes of PM1 plus Halo-Halo and lots of extra rice to a certain Jane Castro. The delivery employee returned to the store to get the second batch of orders.

Disappointed Food Panda Rider

At first, Castro is still responding to the rider but after a few conversations, the lady gets unresponsive and can’t be contacted anymore. The rider loses a total amount of P5,800 due to the fake booking.

Bernard also revealed that two riders who came earlier to deliver milk teas and Jollibee have been also victimized by Jane Castro.

Disappointed Food Panda Rider

Here is the full story:

I got overwhelmed of this post…my only goal was to inform my friends, to make authorities aware and most importantly how he can recover the money from his pocket.

Most of the messages are willing to help…I have responded to some and even gave his contact number.

I will try to reply each one of you as I am having trouble with my keypad.


Nasaan na si Jane Castro?? (who ordered thrice, first milk tea and then Jollibee).

Another victim of food order delivery via Food Panda, actually this was the 3rd motorcycle came today to our residential address (9-door apartment) looking for Jane and these items intended for Frontliners??

This time she ordered Mang Inasal, more than 25boxes of PM1 plus Halo-Halo and lots of extra rice. The delivery boy even returned to the store to get the 2nd batch of orders.

First she was responding to the del. boy and after few txt msgs….she was unresponsive and cannot be contacted anymore (due to cancellation or what?).

The total amount is Php5,800.00.

The first 2 riders who came few minutes earlier of the same stories. She ordered milk tea and some Jollibee meals. The delivery boy was even offering for free but I refused to accept and just gave it to the gasoline boy.

The amount is worth Php 1,500.00.

MY GOD MAY PANDEMIC OR WALA!!!….asan ang konsensya mo Jane Castro????……hindi ito gawain ng isang tao!!!

How these people be able to get their money back?

The social media users expressed their reactions to the incident:

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