WHO On COVID-19: Countries Must Do Testings To Contain Virus

WHO On COVID-19: “Isolate, Test, Treat, Trace” To Contain Coronavirus

WHO ON COVID-19 – The World Health Organization (WHO) urged countries to keep testing in order to contain the virus.

WHO On COVID-19: Countries Must Do Testings To Contain Virus
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To suppress and control the epidemic, countries must isolate, test, treat and trace

According to a report from Aljazeera, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated:

If they don’t, transmission chains can continue at a low level and then resurface once physical distancing measures are lifted

He added that the test and trace strategy should be the backbone of the response in every country.

As per the article, Ghebreyesus said that COVID-19 was an “an unprecedented opportunity to come together as one against a common enemy: an enemy against humanity”.

Meanwhile, countries like the Philippines said that they still see no reason to conduct mass testings. However, the Department of Health Undersecretary stated they have planned for it.

Although, Undersecretary Vergeire admitted that the government is facing difficulties with testing and laboratory capabilities as the country faced increasing numbers of cases.

In South Korea, the number of cases has seen a steady decline. This was primarily attributed to the country’s mass testing and easy access to testing kits for every one of the nation’s residents.

Likewise, South Korea is also a prime example of the importance of testings. In South Korea, 80% of the cases were caused by clusters that came from a single patient who failed to adhere to social distancing.

Currently, there are over 246,577 cases of COVID-19 worldwide. Along with this, more than 10,050 have succumbed to the virus. However, 88,486 have already recovered.

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