Coronavirus In Italy: Level 3 Widespread Community Transmission

CDC Raises Alert Level 3 For Coronavirus In Italy, Widespread Community Spread

CORONAVIRUS IN ITALY – Health authorities from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had raised the alert level for Coronavirus in Italy to Alert Level 3.

Coronavirus In Italy: Level 3 Widespread Community Transmission
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Because of this, the CDC recommends that travelers avoid nonessential travel to Italy. In addition, they stated that there is a widespread, ongoing outbreak of COVID-19.

Italy’s coronavirus death toll had risen to more than 21. Along with this, over 820 people have been infected with the deadly virus, the civil protection chief said. However, he added that the number of recovered also increased.

According to a report from The Guardian, all the victims of coronavirus were elderly and had been suffering from other health issues.

Coronavirus In Italy: Level 3 Widespread Community Transmission
Image from: New York Post

Meanwhile, according to the governor of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, the situation became critical in Lodi, near Milan, wherein a sudden spike of people was hospitalized.

Unfortunately another emergency broke out in Lodi overnight.

There was a rush of hospitalisations yesterday afternoon with 51 people in a serious condition, including 17 who were put in intensive care.

In Mainland China, the number of cases reported per day had slowly been on a decline. However, countries such as Iran and South Korea have continued to experience spikes in the number of cases.

Because of the outbreak, South Korea had been placed under RED ALERT for infectious diseases. The outbreak in South Korea began in the city of Daegu, with most of the cases linked to a church in the city.

Neighboring countries such as Japan had already imposed a ban on travelers coming from the Hubei Province in China. However, South Korea had not followed in that regard.

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