3 People Died Within Five Hours During Separate Incidents In Cebu City

3 People Died In Separate Incidents Over 5-hour Span in Cebu City

3 PEOPLE DIED – Authorities say 3 people died in separate incidents over a 5-hour span in Cebu City.

Crimes continue to grow in different parts of the world. In the Philippines, it remains one of the most serious issues the country is facing today. It could be an illegal drug trade, corruption, murder, domestic violence, or theft.

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte won the 2016 election due to his platform of combatting crime and illegal drugs. However, there are still lots to be done in the fight against crimes.

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Recently, 3 persons died in Cebu City in less than 5 hours. Based on a report from Cebu Daily News, they were slain in a separate stabbing and shooting incidents in the city.

The authorities identified the first two victims as Elmer Peñola from Barangay Hipodromo and John Ian Chan from Barangay Kalunasan while the 3rd one is yet to be identified by the cops.

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Mabolo Police station’s Police Executive Master Sergeant Antonio Din said Elmer Peñola was shot outside his house in Sitio Pag-asa in Barangay Hipodromo. The shooting incident happened around 3 am on February 24.

The cop said the 37-year-old man was alone while drinking liquor outside his home when a gunman passed and shot his head.

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According to the report, the witness told the cops that the suspect was wearing a white t-shirt however, they failed to describe what he looked like.

Antonio Din said they found a CCTV that’s installed near the crime scene. They are hoping they would get a closer look. He said the suspect probably has a personal grudge to the victim. Peñola is a house painter who is known to back out from a pending work.

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At about the same time of Elmer Peñola’s death, another “killing” incident in Sitio Buwaran in Barangay Sawang Calero. The unidentified victim was found lifeless along the road with a gunshot wound on his face.

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Based on the report, the lifeless body of John Ian Chan was found along the road of Sitio Upper Lanipao in Barangay Sapangdako. He was stabbed on his chest. The cops are currently looking for his family to get some information regarding the attacker and his motives.

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