Coronavirus Death Toll Over 564, Almost 30,000 Infected

Wuhan Coronavirus In Over 25 Countries, Death Toll Over 564

WUHAN CORONAVIRUS DEATH TOLL – The race to contain the new coronavirus outbreak is still far from over as the death toll and number of infected continues to spike.

Coronavirus Death Toll Over 564, Almost 30,000 Infected
Image from: Caixin Global

Health authorities from China said that the number of deaths from the coronavirus had reached over 564. Along with this, the number of confirmed cases in China had reached 28,018 at the end of Wednesday.

According to a report from CNN, there was an increase of 3,694 patients confirmed with the virus.

Health authorities from Hubei have reported more than 70 people have died after being infected with the virus. This raised the number of deaths in the province to 549.

This sums up to at least 562 deaths in mainland China. Meanwhile, the global death toll had already reached 564 with one death coming from Hong Kong and the other in the Philippines.

As per the report, there have been 14,314 patients hospitalized in Hubei. This included 756 individuals who are in critical condition.

Close to 60 million people are still under lockdown in China. In addition, a Japanese Cruise ship was under lockdown after 10 passengers were found positive for the virus.

Of the 10, one of them was confirmed to be a Filipino. There were around 3,700 people on board the cruise ship as medical authorities from Japan continued testing.

In lieu of this, countries have started stricter measures of screening for the virus. Along with this, the US had partnered with a drug firm to produce antibodies against the virus.

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