Adamson University Orders Chinese Students to Observe Self-Quarantine Due to nCoV

Chinese Students Were Advised by Adamson University to Observe Self-Quarantine Due to nCoV

Adamson University has ordered its Chinese students to observe self-quarantine due to the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak.

Over the past few days, the Philippines is already implementing strict precautionary measures after the Department of Health confirmed the first case of coronavirus. The Filipino people are now in fear and panic due to the health scare.

The deadly virus is currently spreading in different countries all around the world. The rapid spread of the mysterious disease affects thousands of people and already killed hundreds of victims worldwide.

Adamson University

Recently, Adamson University has issued a memorandum advising its Chinese national students to quarantine themselves starting Friday (January 31) until February 14, 2020, amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Adamson stated that the memorandum is a response to the worldwide precautionary measures against the virus to ensure the safety of the students and to maintain a virus-free environment inside the campus.

“Thus, we have made a decision that all Chinese students, both graduate, and undergraduate, observe self-quarantine starting today until February 14, 2020, Likewise, all Chinese nationals are also advised to postpone all transactions inside the university until February 14, 2020,” the memorandum stated.

Adamson University

However, Filipino and other international students would continue their classes. Professors and students were encouraged to use e-learning systems for the Chinese students, according to the memorandum.

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