Block Z Director Mikhail Red Explains Why Movie Release Was Delayed

‘Block Z’ Director Mikhiul Red Explains Movie’s Delay

BLOCK Z – The director of Pinoy zombie film ‘Block Z,’ Mikhail Red, explained the movie’s delay.

On December 2019, Julia Barretto gave an update on her Pinoy zombie film ‘Block Z.’ She and her ex-boyfriend Joshua Garcia are the lead actors of the much-awaited zombie film.

Director Mikhail Red said the story is about a group of students who were trapped in a building due to a deadly viral infection outbreak. Other cast members include Dimples Romana, Ina Raymundo, Yves Flores, Myrtle Sarrosa, Ian Veneracion, McCoy de Leon, and Maris Racal.

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Julia Barretto said the meticulous editing of ‘Block Z’ is the reason why it took so long for them to release. Mikhail Red disclosed that the editing process was done in Thailand.

The prominent director explained the delay in the release of his latest film. Based on a report from PUSH, Mikhail said the film is worth the wait.

“Actually kahit na para sa inyo natagalan kayo, para sa akin, as a filmmaker laging kulang yung oras. Like gusto pa namin laging i-polish ng i-polish. Para siyang painting na hindi natatapos pero eventually kailangan mo ipalabas,” he said.

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According to the report, Mikhail Red said that ‘Block Z’ required a more complicated set up compared to his previous movies like Eerie and Birdshot. “Imagine pag mag-shu-shoot ng attack scene sa classroom, so may papasok na zombies, matutumba yung mga upuan, malalagyan ng dugo yung blackboard tapos biglang take two. Lilinisan mo lahat yun, reset ka and then one angle lang yun. Eh paano kung seven angles tapos each angle four takes? So na-imagine niyo kung gaano kahirap yung zombie movie compared sa scene where there’s two people talking lang. Parang halos ibang job siya. Buti ang solid ng team talaga,” he said.

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Based on the report, the talented director said they faced a lot of challenges while making the ‘Block Z’ film. He said his younger brother was the editor of the film.

“Challenging siya kasi iba resources ng films dito kasi economy rin, iba audience natin so hindi natin kaya i-sustain yung mga World War Z budget kasi sila English language yun eh, nabenta nila yun sa buong mundo. Siyempre tayo Filipino film so limited yung audience so may mga scale restrictions. Yun yung challenge lagi pag filmmaker ka or artist in general,” he said.

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