Ina Raymundo Reveals She Was ‘Mistreated’ While doing The 90s Daring Movies

Ina Raymundo shared the mistreatment she received while doing the daring movies in the 90s

Actress Ina Raymundo revealed that she was “mistreated” when she did several daring movies during the 1990s.

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Ina was known as the “Sabado Nights Girl” because of her liquor commercial during that era. Until now, she is known by that name. During that time also, she did several daring movies that were a trend in the movie industry back in that decade.

Behind her popularity and being in-demand that time, Ina revealed that she had a bad experience. She said she was mistreated while doing the daring scenes. At the press conference for her upcoming movie Open, the actress said, “Yeah, di ba? Yung mga movies noong ’90s talaga. May mga ganoong pangyayari, may exploitation. So, yun ang na-promise ko sa sarili ko, I will never ever allow myself to be exploited again.”

This came after her statement that she felt comfortable while doing a daring scene with JC Santos because the actor made sure that she was fine. Ina Raymundo elaborated that during the 90s, when was shooting a scene she would notice that it was not part of the script. “Pag kinukunan yung scene, parang sa isip mo, ‘Di naman ito kasama…’But then you’re, like, ‘No, you have to do this…’ yung ganoong feeling,” she shared.

She also pointed out the fact that she was still young at that time and she thought she had no right to voice out the “mistreatment”. Another thing that prompted her to set aside her grievances was that it was “uso” that time.

With this, Ina said that the manager should be the middle person to protect the talent and to voice what is enough. She also advised artists to know the exact plant before shooting and no one should allow being mistreated by others, based on the report from PEP.

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