Jomari Yllana Cheating Allegations: Entertainment Columnists Confirm?

Entertainment columnists appeared to be confirming the cheating allegations against Jomari Yllana

The cheating allegations against actor/politician Jomari Yllana are allegedly true, according to entertainment columnists Lolit Solis and Cristy Fermin.

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Lolit and Cristy talked about this issue with Mr. Fu on the recent episode of the digital talk show Take It… Per Minute (Me Ganun). A blind item about an actor/politician who left his wife and children was released on an entertainment news site.

Jomari’s partner, Joy Reyes corrected the information in the blind item. According to her, the “women” that her partner is dating are older than her and not younger. However, she confirmed that money is a factor in cheating.

Following this, netizens showed support to Joy for all her accusations against the father of her 1-year-old and 3-month-old babies.

During the recent episode of Cristy Fermin, Lolit Solis, and Mr. Fu’s digital talk show, they tackled this issue. According to them, Jomari Yllana has been doing this kind of act a long time ago.

They even said that the actor/ politician is a “suki raw ng mga matrona kahit noon pa”. Allegedly, the older women would always spend money on him. The columnists opened up this issue because of what Joy Reyes stated against her partner.

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Because of this, the host of the digital talk show also recalled what happened to the past relationships of Jomari with Ara Mina and Aiko Melendez, based on the article from Pilipino Star Ngayon. Regarding this issue, Aiko has this statement: “Although hindi kami on good terms talaga, speaking terms, I’d like to give that to them—to solve this privately. And my heart, of course, goes to the kids because I’m a mother too. So sana maayos nila and mabibigay na kung ano yung nararapat sa mga bata.”

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