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4 Common Kitchen Items That Are Secretly Toxic

COMMON KITCHEN ITEMS – In this article, we will learn more about five common kitchen items that are actually toxic.

Kitchen Items - 4 Kitchen Items That Are Actually Toxic
Image from: Kitchenistic

Here are some of the common kitchen items that you definitely need to keep away from your family.

Bleach – It is probably one of the most effective things to use when it comes to whitening and disinfecting. However, it can cause skin irritation.

Along with this, it could cause respiratory problems and in the worst case, death. Prolonged exposure to bleach without protection can lead to health problems.

Ammonia – In liquid form, this substance is an incredible cleanser. But, despite it’s cleaning powers it can lead to serious health problems if not used properly.

According to an article from TheHealthy, it can severely corrode the lungs, eyes, and skin. Along with this, it can cause blindness, lung problems, and death.

Plastic Cutting Boards – It is one of the most essential things we need for cooking. However, throughout its use, it could be subjected to wear and tear.

Cracks and fissures on the board could become a home for a lot of bacteria that could then lead to food poisoning. Aside from this, the plastic shreds could go into your food as well.

Aluminum Foil – This product has been present for more than 100 years. It’s one of the most ideal wrapping materials for food.

However, when the aluminum leeches from foil or pan into our food, it could become harmful. Researchers believe that cooking with the foil allows aluminum to get into our bodies.

Adding to this, an accumulation of aluminum in our body can potentially damage our nervous system. kidneys, and bones.

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