WATCH: Atong Ang Explains Side In Barretto Sisters’ Feud

Atong Ang explained his side in the feud between the Barretto sisters

Businessman Atong Ang explained his side in the Barretto sisters’ feud fueled by the commotion that happened at Miguel Barretto’s wake.

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The longstanding conflict between Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine Barretto gained popularity just recently due to the controversial encounter they had at the Heritage Park chapel. A few days after that, Karen Davila interviewed Marjorie Barretto and the latter stressed out that her older sister had a nervous breakdown at the wake and that she was the one who created the commotion.

Two days after that, Atong, who came at the wake with Gretchen during that time told Noli de Castro his side of the story. The businessman reiterated his previous statement regarding his connection with Gretchen, Claudine, and their niece Nicole, daughter of their brother JJ Barretto.

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He also explained that Gretchen was just compelled to go to the wake because of President Duterte. “Si Gretchen kasi, malapit kay Presidente. Ang sabi, pupunta sa patay si Presidente. ‘Kung puwede, pumunta ka.’ Ang sabi sa akin ni Gretchen, ang sagot daw niya, ‘Pakisabi kay sir, huwag na po, kasi baka magkagulo lang.’” the businessman said.

He also said that Gretchen’s longtime partner Tonyboy Cojuangco, who had a back pain at that time, even asked him to accompany her. “Tumawag sa akin si Tony. Sabi sa akin, ‘Pare, pakisamahan si Gretchen, baka mapaaway ‘yan doon.’ Iyon ang sabi sa akin ni Tony… Sabi ko, ‘Sige, samahan ko na lang.’ Kausap ko si Gretchen, ‘Sige, samahan na lang kita,’” he shared.

Regarding the revelation of Marjorie that his daughter called Nicole and asked her family to leave with a warning because they were coming, Atong said, “Hindi ako nag-warning. Nagsabi lang ako na huwag na magkita-kita para huwag magkagulo.”

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He also stressed out that he did not try to grab Marjorie during the commotion. Atong said that he was just trying to protect the President and Gretchen when he extended his arm. The businessman also addressed the intriguing statement of Marjorie regarding their safety because she said that Atong would get back at her.

“Sa drama niyo, sa away niyo, wala akong pakialam diyan. Kung may dapat kang katakutan, I think ‘yung family ni Recom (Echiverri). Idineklara mong kabit ka, e. Dapat kang matakot, may mga anak ‘yon. Doon ka dapat matakot,” he said to Marjorie.

In the interview, Atong Ang also expressed his message to the Barretto sisters. He told them to reconcile and take care of their mother. The businessman also said that they should think the welfare of the third generation of Barrettos who are now affected by their longstanding feud.

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