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Marjorie Barretto Edits Post Against Gretchen Barretto – Not Referring to Tony Boy As Gretchen’s BF?

MARJORIE BARRETTO – Former actress Marjorie Barretto edited her post against Gretchen Barretto and clarified that she is not referring to Tony Boy Cojuangco as the “boyfriend” in the post.

The feud between celebrity sisters Gretchen and Marjorie Barretto is intense now. It was after a tension sparked between them at the wake of their father, Miguel Barretto.

It is no secret to the public that Gretchen was not in good terms with her family. She and her mother, Estrella “Inday” Barretto, had a conflict. She and Marjorie also has a feud.

tonyboy cojuangco gretchen barretto
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Following the death of her dad, after several years, Gretchen Barretto went to her family. She was welcomed by an embrace of her mother at the wake of their family’s patriarch.

However, things did not go well between Gretchen Barretto and Marjorie Barretto. There was a tension and the latter allegedly refused to shake hands with the former.

Marjorie Barretto

Both Gretchen and Marjorie revealed their side. On her Instagram account, the younger former actress expressed that her sisters did everything they can to destroy her name.

According to her, she was all for reconciliation and Gretchen should have come privately when their father was fighting for his life at the hospital. The former actress stated that she will make revelations after they will be able to lay his father rest.

Marjorie Barretto asked for prayers for the safety of her and her children’s life after she will reveal “the truth”. According to her, the “boyfriend” of her sister is “powerful in a bad way”. She clarified in her Instagram post that she is not referring to Tony Boy Cojuangco, the known partner of Gretchen Barretto.

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There are very disturbing news going around right now. All these years, I have kept my peace and I always chose to ignore all the LIES that my sisters spread about me and my children. But nothing can get lower than this. Giving false statements to the press, and twisting stories about what really happened in my Father’s wake is by far the most epic one. They have tried so hard over the years to destroy my name, I have nothing to lose anymore at this point.I love my family very much, they are my core. I am all for reconciliation. We were hoping for that all those 16 days that my Father was fighting for his life in the hospital.It would have been nice if she made her peace in the quiet of my Fathers room. With no cameras. Don’t be fooled by the statements of my sisters, they are leaving out a very important detail of what really caused pain and tension in the wake.May I request everyone to allow our family to grieve, it’s our last day with our Father today. Please hold your judgement and opinions until he is laid to rest,then WE WILL FOR THE FIRST TIME SPEAK THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. I would like to ask for prayers too. Because when I speak the truth, my life and my children’s life will be put in danger. My sisters boyfriend is powerful in a very bad way( and I don’t mean Tony Boy)And in speaking the truth I won’t be able to leave his name out. And to our dear President Duterte, thank you for being there for the family and sharing in our grief. My apologies that your name was dragged into this. You were so kind to me. I will always be grateful.

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Gretchen Barretto was quick to react to the post of her younger sister. She took to the social media videos taken at the wake of their father.

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