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VIDEO: Wil Dasovich Reacts On Comment About Pinoy Celebs Ruining YouTube

WIL DASOVICH – YouTuber and celebrity Wil Dasovich recently spoke up about an issue concerning Filipino celebrities ruining YouTube.

According to KAMI, there is an occurring concern where more and more Filipino celebrities are joining the video and content creating platform YouTube and make their personal vlogs.

One netizen made the comment claiming that celebrities should be earning enough from their respective media network and give digital exposure to content creators.

“Bakit halos lahat ng mga sikat na artista may Youtube Channel na? I mean, hindi pa ba sapat ang kinikita niyo sa ABS at GMA? Ibigay niyo na sa mga content creators. Wala naman talaga akong magagawa pero napupunta sa kanila ang views eh ang yayaman nanamannila. Hehe”

Wil recently made a video addressing the issue with the caption: “Are Artistas Ruining Youtube? (REAL TALK)”.

Based on the report, Wil said that celebrities joining YouTube actually helps the community. Wil pointed out that back in his early days when he reached 100K subscribers, his content views also reached thousands and hundreds of thousands more but never reached millions, and so are other Pinoy YouTubers like him.

For Wil, since artists are having their personal channel, they are bringing mainstream media viewers into the digital platform. This would mean more subs, views, and even advertisements to the community, Hence, a win-win situation.

“Ultimately artistas coming to YouTube brings more viewers on the platform and in return this brings more advertisers so everyone wins.”

Here is Wil’s video on YouTube:

Netizens also gave their comment on Wil’s perspective on the issue. Here are some of their comments:

“Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”
“There is no competition when you’re manifesting your own lane.”

Chon TV on YouTube

“To each his own. Great topic. Not all artistas are as “mayaman” as you may think.”

Sam Manguvat on YouTube

“There’s no competition when you’re manifesting your own lane”. I love that, bro. Even though a good part of me wants to say “Ha! Y’all judged Wil, but look at y’all now.” 😂 I like the way you stayed humble, and stayed in your own bag. Keep up the quality work. We all love it.

Kuya Aaron on YouTube

What do you think? How will you react to this? Let us know more about it.

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