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Relationship tips regarding the tricks to make her like you.

RELATIONSHIP TIPS – Here are some psychological tips and tricks for boys to make the girl they admire like them in return.

In initiating a move, the guys have to take the first step normally towards the girl they saw as their potential partner. And guys out there must admit that it’s not that easy to make her like him. Thus, we have some points to share to make her like you with some psychological tricks.

Relationship Tips

Find out these tricks below:

  • Hobby or Passion
    This should be true passion and not faked or else the spark will be gone and your honesty might be questioned.
  • Great Hygiene
    A good smell instantly attracts a girl. Not too much fragrance but just the natural and the right amount that will not hurt the nose.
  • Make her laugh
    Girls love laughing they tend to instantly like someone who can make them laugh and has a great sense of humor.
  • Be a friend
    Sympathize with her whenever she’s having problems. Make her talk to you about the things that made her upset and comfort her. Great relationships are founded with friendships.
  • “Touch Barrier”
    Break it. Touch her if you must but not in a way that will make her feel uncomfortable. Play rock-paper-scissors game with her or create a cool handshake.
  • Secrets
    In order to get a step closer to gain her trust, tell her your kept secrets. That way, it will signal her that you trust her and in return, she will the same eventually.
  • Attention
    Aside from all the material things, one factor that can you stand out among others is by giving her your full attention as per Practical Pie.
  • HOTAPE Framework
    Humor: Girls like funny guys. 
    Openness: Open body language
    Touch: Break the “Touching Barrier” through a cool handshake
    Attention: This is valuable.
    Proximity: The close you are together, the higher the chance to make her like you back.
    Eye Contact: This is a different kind of connection.
  • Teasing Her
    Try to tease her a little to spice some things up whatever is between the two of you.
  • Cook for her
    In first dates, you can definitely do this as you can show your cooking skills and you can show her as well how you can take care of her.


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