AMAZON RAINFOREST – What Will Happen If We Lose Amazon?

What Will Happen If We Lose Amazon Rainforest?

AMAZON RAINFOREST – The Earth’s lungs is in massive flame right now and what could probably happen if we lost the Amazon Rainforest?

The Amazon Rainforest based on a previous article is currently on massive fire and the smoke is already visible in space according to National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The forest in Greenland, Brazil, and Siberia were in flames on Monday morning, August 19.

Amazon Rainforest
Photo lifted from The Guardian

As much as everyone is probably aware of, the Amazon is a home to a lot of animal species, trees, and plants and even to some indigenous tribes. It is known as the Earth’s lungs for giving off a big portion of oxygen in the atmosphere. The rainforest also helps to slow down the global warming. But today, a catastrophe happened and this is amid a wide deforestation.

What will happen if we lost the Amazon?

  • Amazon is the one responsible for rain to countries in and around it. If it disappears, there will be less rain. With this, people will lose access to some of the most essential agricultural crops. Also, if there’s no rain, there will be drought and no more drinking water. No more liquid to crops and relying on livestock is not reliable at all for it also needs water.
  • No water means decreasing number of trees which also means severe flooding as there will be no trees to hold and manage the water.
  • Currently in flames right now, we are now slowly losing biodiversity. Amazon is a home to various species of plants and animals and a great possibility there, is that a lot will die and worse, some will be wiped out. Even those species that we haven’t known yet because there is at least one specie discovered in there in every single day.
Amazon Rainforest
Photo lifted from The Guardian
  • Millions of people will get affected and this could mean that the world might suffer a humanitarian crisis. Millions of people rely on rainforest and if cleared out, will turn as refugees and will be forced to live in an overpopulated city where a lot of risks are at stake especially in health.
  • We will lose medical possibilities. Where do we get this medical drugs to treat some diseases? From nature and if we lost Amazon we will surely lose a massive possibility to treat diseases such as cancer. Again, Amazon houses a number of plant species and the cure to cancer might have been burned probably by now or it’s just still somewhere waiting to be discovered based on Inform Overload.


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